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The fog the flower

Get out of bed, I first want to today Is it right? Haze weather,城野but the balcony ground golden streamer like to spread to come over, blame dazzling. I rushed a packet Coffee, slowly stirring, hot water mist stick in my hand, down the blood into the heart watch, I walked to the balcony, staring blankly at the golden sky. Why will think like this? In fact, I don't know, just like in the time and space far away in those scattered yellow confetti gradually together become a book, sharp mind those memories, warm,, will always be up on your brow when you unexpectedly, as if just remind you of someone, like fog in flowers, far and near, Xi Xi Shu Shu, deeply shallow.
The first time I saw her, in my friend's house, she said of boys and girls with my friends. She was thin and small, narrow forehead hanging sought eyebrow, skin white through yellow, large eyes are dry without light, like the traces of oil ink to paper very hand dry, high bridge of the nose, facial angular, a little fan in europe. Later, because the relationship between friends is also sparse met a couple of times, but not much words. Can be a fortuitous opportunity to one night let me on the girl impressed a lot. That night we have a walk around the playground, there are only two of us, she said to me like the boys when she first crush after a year, 香港牛栏now finally plucked up the courage to vindicate him, but the other side has a girlfriend. Speak she always low head, looking from the side of her eye but restless tremble, but no longer like dry ink, there is little luster. It was summer, days are dark soon, I do not know is not the cross-strait shade too much too thick, and the dark red runway as the reincarnation of forever, then the only shining on her face light playfully hiding, this deep and shallow.
Say to is a coincidence, I do not know in my life on the vine in whether she is doomed to be a flower vine flowers, the most thick haze in location open. In high school I and she was assigned to a class, because the relative relationship, she worked as class leader, I also logical to become her in the class the most familiar friends. Probably because of gossip, and her temperament uncertain, edges sharp relationship, making her popularity in the class is not good, she was like in hard spiny shell shuttle in the crowd, because of fear of injury does not take off, because of this hurt others, want to close, but with the most rough way, want to retreat, and he didn't want to leave the crowd. This is a long time after I told her mood surmise, I often think, if I can be a little early to know, will not give her comfort will be more, if I had to pay more attention to careful, her pain be less.
But life is not if, at that time I was very careless, no time to learn to comfort others, while she was in the special period of heart and sensitive fragile, inevitably because of some trivial things and unpleasant, but I always believe that one step back will make things much quicker to quell. But after a long time I understand the true friendship is not a party to a concession, maybe then we had a big fight, make our hearts even further, and she needs is also suppressed the long-standing emotional catharsis, she wants is to vent, not bear. But this long mood, I thought only the youth transition period short, and later from a friend that I heard,港版牛栏奶粉 her parents divorced, their married, she should not have to go anywhere to live in my grandparents home, maybe she early learned to tolerance and silence, in that there is only silence enveloped in the haze the sunflower family, embarrassing her like a shadow, even if again to also can catch the vision of the sun, light clothing rare.
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The wooden house, belongs to me

Early in the morning, the sunshine in the mountains, sprinkled on the wood house, also through the window, sprinkled on this before Gently, I opened my eyes, face flashed like sunshine and sunshine smile. I got up, walked out of the house. Facing the sun, eyes closed, breathing quietly, quietly listening to the sound of the birds. Then, I opened my eyes, see not cleared the fog flows in the mountains, the magnificent green also becomes hazy.
I go down to the stream, the stream singing cheerful songs, beautiful voice let me drunk. Go to the front of it, I slowly squat body, lest disturb its singing. He saw me coming, face flashed a brilliant smile, my heart has therefore become more happy. I held out my hand, and gently Juyi Peng Gan Quan, touch on the face, cool feeling through the skin until the heart. I have to face wash a few times, tiredness suddenly Not the least trace was found. I stood up, wiped his face with the sleeves slowly go back,Without Leaving Home back to my house.
After breakfast, I took pole, picked up the bucket goes to the room after the garden watering vegetables for me. I took the water walk, song my way down. I put the burden on vegetable bed head, took a gourd of water, then the water slowly into the seedlings roots. I'm on seedlings and said: "drink, drink, drink the sweet spring water,if indeed it ever didyou will grow stronger, ha ha......"
Noon time relaxed and lazy, I rely on the front tree lit a small fire, the fire is wearing just in from the lake to catch fish. Holding the hands of, I was a partner for many years wine gourd. Drink wine, eat a fish. I get drunk with wine. My face was suffused with a slightly drunk and red. I simply lay on the ground, watching the clouds float to float, see the birds sing them to look around, comfortable......
Afternoon, carry out, to the current field weeding. Sliding my hoe in the light, but will not damage the tree seedlings. For those grass, I just get rid of the seedlings around. They are so lovely, I how to kill those green life. Besides, we are the world's one, it should be more respect and reverence for life.
The setting sun hung in the evening light, offered by a dollar store supplier my wooden house dyed orange I stopped working, come into my house. Not and in a short while, over the house the smoke curl upwards, the house smell delicious, sweet is sweet rice mixed with water......
The bright moon in the sky, I sat quietly guard in front of the window. Moonlight in the mountains, sprinkled on the wood house, also through the window, with everything around me seemed covered with a layer of white yarn. Everything is quiet: the birds quiet, the wind stopped, the clouds also sleep. At the moment, my mind if I, melamine food box without the slightest ripple. Slowly lie down, close your eyes, take months to stay in the heart, began to dream trip.
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Qingming random thoughts

Ching Ming, a very complicated day
Both sacrifice brings sorrow心は痛くて、私は悲しみ
Also the party bring happiness
Both the chill
Also have the spring hope
For I always have this sense of oppression, there is also a kind of special feelings of homesickness
Our ancestors always and we are getting more and more far我那正值的青春
But the days I feel they are in contact with my
Although many are very fuzzy
But after all, finally the real feel their existence
Today, our family reunion day
About a year away曾經的夢遺落在遠方
Only this genius made us feel at home the centripetal force
Though it's very short, although in a hurry
Flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is not very short?
They moved a long stay
My grandfather is my first worship, admiration of the people
But when I was a child, he died華麗轉身只是想看你一眼
I only from his legacy of a few books and he gave me to read him
Only from his writing and calligraphy to taste his
But only in the Ching Ming is the feeling he
Really have a grandfather feeling
In the sense of photograph. He wasn't so far away
Grandmother and grandmother
Dear sister in laws such as the
Two almost killed me a lifetime of the old woman
They are so doted on me 月色晃晃,思念了遠方
For my grandfather, seems a bit far away, even sometimes felt like a Book of sages
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In the spring of the "spring"

A long time ago, read Mr Zhou Zuoren's "Peking spring", the heart has consensus, deep feelings. I remember one paragraph is written like this: "Peking or whether there are his spring, but a little too panic, and a little less fertile, is sometimes not tasted his smell taste feel, sometimes slightly boring, although the name is also called the spring, but it took him as a winter's tail is summer head, otherwise......". Because of this description fits my impression, for the hometown spring so, is very appreciated. The spring of my hometown, there is Peking spring characteristics. From late winter to early summer, dry, little rain, the spring, the spring to the scene. Most areas of the brain in the spring wind is yellow with dust, how warm and cold, cold feeling, when you can really feel the spring weather, it is summer head.
The spring of my hometown to man is what kind of one kind of feeling? As if nature is magic, daytime observation spring also no signs, almost overnight, bright red blossoms and green willows, the scenery is different, the weather suddenly heat up, call a person touch off guard. Swallows go and return, while singing, while clipping Spring picture, spring to surprise attack, a riot of potential, very funny. But the joys of spring, the spring is always hurried steps, one not careful will flash, as if people lost their youth, leave empty wistful lament, personal sorrow and joy, a little helpless.
Because the spring be long in coming, with shame, hiding, occasionally also articles with the cold wind, inviting people upset, therefore, the spring of my hometown is just an idea in my mind only, as for the spring outing, that is a great luxury, graffiti on the text but also dependency fantasy. That often Wang Chunxing sigh, that the dam (so named because of the home is located in South Central Inner Mongolia plateau) not "spring"! This is more or less the mosaic has eclipsed the shining pearl in the desert, Yanmenguan. Indeed, the spring can not do spring, how don't annoying?
However, this year's spring is at top speed, as promised, missed the season. As early as in more than 20 days this spring all the year round. Is? There are flowers. In my hometown, under normal circumstances, apricot starting spring, after the winter, in full bloom bravely. In previous years, Palace Square in front of the apricot blossom "five one" after, this year, in the swirling water park took almond flowers Chuzhan beautiful pieces of the April 11th, Palace Square in front of the apricot is slightly delayed two or three days. It really makes people look forward to spring back to joy is not small. If the streets and lanes, see acquaintances, a local accent will shout: Hey, garden apricot blossom, go to have a look oh, or a strong wind is not a scratch! Dark peep, who looked with ecstasy, the listener or schematic knowledge, or a look of surprise, btw: "really?" Understand the close stranger, or laughing not language, or face.
Then look at the street in high spirit, vibrant women, joy even the hair also covered. No wonder the Tang says: "in March 3rd, new world, Changan beauty more water." Woman, born beauty, spring to make them Heartbeat unceasingly, plump down jacket can finally be laid off, very thin, gorgeous costumes, fashion and charming appearance and personality, bright, beautiful, became a spring and a beautiful landscape! Yeah, when people can finally like Jiangnan people, feel the taste of spring in the spring, can not excited?
I, love the nature, enjoying spring is be the first to bear the brunt. Otherwise, the spring, lost time, not regret? Location: the heart: his companion.
For the weekend leisure, enjoy is the original intention.

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They should avoid impatience

The presence of a partner is appalling and repulsive to the other; anything such a partner does is never appreciated and seen as faulty. These partners are self-centered and mischievous in their dealings as they always find a scapegoat to bear their blames. A healthy union is easily destroyed by such attitude; the concerned parties have lost the inducement and charm to behold the beauty and pleasure of their marital union. kertty

The substances that caused the attractions that brought them together have faded away and lost in oblivion; while the marriage love and understandings have died off. Evil and negativity have taken over the marriage and it is now the order of the day. Nothing brings satisfaction in such a union. If any of the partners acts or speaks; such a partner will be misunderstood by the other and mistrust reigns supreme. Such a house is the house of discord, disregard, disrespect and a hell of a place to stay and no couple would wish to stay in it.

Outward appearance or beauty may not influence or restore the situation. A partner or both must show inner beauty, since it will take the wife total submission to the husband while the husband must love and respect the decisions of the wife. The couple has to come together, discuss and agree to find a common ground where they can both be on a level playing field.jessicamm

They should learn to appreciate each other, disallow third-party influence in their union and find time to elate with each other positively. They should avoid impatience, immaturity and all acts that bring about disagreement in the marital union. Trust plays a key role in any successful marriage, the couple should trust each other, be open and straightforward in all their marriage relationship.[/url]

Couples finding themselves in this type of unfortunate relationship need not lose hope since they can still regain the lost glory and attraction once again. The solution is to behave realistically to your spouse and the relationship will come back from the dead and love, peace and understanding will reign again.

Nobody enters into a marriage to end it in divorce, everyone enters into a marriage due to compatibility and a sense of love; so when faced with a negative spouse, let common sense take control of the situation and show your partner love and patience to make him/her to come around. Understanding is a very important aspect of marriage, because with understandings the couple are able to manage any situation positively and come out better for it.[url]

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Both groups scorn the other's preference

Since accurate and reliable information that can be trusted and acted upon logically is at the heart of every extremely successful stock investor or trader, the disparity between institutional and retail information is one of several areas that the retail investor and retail trader need to understand.我的地盤我說了算

Some retail investors depend solely on fundamentals provided to them via internet websites. Most retail traders depend solely on technical patterns from stock charts. Both groups scorn the other's preference for information about the stock. This puts the retail trader and the retail investor at an even more damaging disadvantage.生活隨筆

For the professional and institutional side of the market, information is worth every penny and education is worth even more. Reports on the professional side range in price from $1000 to $10,000 for just one report. However the information within such a report is invaluable in terms of how the professional or institution will choose what to purchase next.

The average retail investor or trader balks at a $30 cost and believes they can learn everything from free sources. This is the divide between the average investor/trader and Smart Money, which is the difference in opinion about the value of reliable information.brittanyyu個人屋

Most retail traders and investors simply put their expectations of what can be made from stock trading too low, so they earn less. Here is how you can improve your Rate Of Investment ROI and trading profits, by finding better resources for information that do fit a limited budget.

First of all, every retail trader or investor must face up to the fact that "free" means that the vendor is attempting to sell them something else, either a broker account, or a charting software service, or a platform. "Free" is the invitation to buy something. Make sure you understand what that is before you start using the free stuff. When you understand what the free stuff is expected to sell you, you are able to judge the bias of the content.生活隨筆

A retail broker is intending to sell you a brokerage account. Their intent is to get you motivated to trade frequently as they make a huge amount of money from trading fees and slippage. Their education and information will be slanted to entice you to be excited, eager, and will play to your greed. Since they also internalize most of your orders especially if you trade big blue chip stocks, their recommended list of stocks is going to be slanted in their favor to make their brokerage more money. This is NOT to help you choose the best stock for your trade or investment.

Trading platforms are also about keeping the retail trader trading as often as possible because the more trades, the more money the company makes. Charting software offers education that is meant to first teach their product usage, and secondly to teach get-rich strategies that make the retail trader believe it is all so very easy. Many so called "educational companies" are actually selling a broker account, a platform, or other service. The education is to entice you to buy their products.ashleycl

Information websites that cater to the retail market participant groups often offer only outdated information. Check to see if the information on the website refers to "investors" as if there is only one market participant group, OR if the information details all the different market participant groups. There are 9 distinct market participant groups today.
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