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In the spring of the "spring"

A long time ago, read Mr Zhou Zuoren's "Peking spring", the heart has consensus, deep feelings. I remember one paragraph is written like this: "Peking or whether there are his spring, but a little too panic, and a little less fertile, is sometimes not tasted his smell taste feel, sometimes slightly boring, although the name is also called the spring, but it took him as a winter's tail is summer head, otherwise......". Because of this description fits my impression, for the hometown spring so, is very appreciated. The spring of my hometown, there is Peking spring characteristics. From late winter to early summer, dry, little rain, the spring, the spring to the scene. Most areas of the brain in the spring wind is yellow with dust, how warm and cold, cold feeling, when you can really feel the spring weather, it is summer head.
The spring of my hometown to man is what kind of one kind of feeling? As if nature is magic, daytime observation spring also no signs, almost overnight, bright red blossoms and green willows, the scenery is different, the weather suddenly heat up, call a person touch off guard. Swallows go and return, while singing, while clipping Spring picture, spring to surprise attack, a riot of potential, very funny. But the joys of spring, the spring is always hurried steps, one not careful will flash, as if people lost their youth, leave empty wistful lament, personal sorrow and joy, a little helpless.
Because the spring be long in coming, with shame, hiding, occasionally also articles with the cold wind, inviting people upset, therefore, the spring of my hometown is just an idea in my mind only, as for the spring outing, that is a great luxury, graffiti on the text but also dependency fantasy. That often Wang Chunxing sigh, that the dam (so named because of the home is located in South Central Inner Mongolia plateau) not "spring"! This is more or less the mosaic has eclipsed the shining pearl in the desert, Yanmenguan. Indeed, the spring can not do spring, how don't annoying?
However, this year's spring is at top speed, as promised, missed the season. As early as in more than 20 days this spring all the year round. Is? There are flowers. In my hometown, under normal circumstances, apricot starting spring, after the winter, in full bloom bravely. In previous years, Palace Square in front of the apricot blossom "five one" after, this year, in the swirling water park took almond flowers Chuzhan beautiful pieces of the April 11th, Palace Square in front of the apricot is slightly delayed two or three days. It really makes people look forward to spring back to joy is not small. If the streets and lanes, see acquaintances, a local accent will shout: Hey, garden apricot blossom, go to have a look oh, or a strong wind is not a scratch! Dark peep, who looked with ecstasy, the listener or schematic knowledge, or a look of surprise, btw: "really?" Understand the close stranger, or laughing not language, or face.
Then look at the street in high spirit, vibrant women, joy even the hair also covered. No wonder the Tang says: "in March 3rd, new world, Changan beauty more water." Woman, born beauty, spring to make them Heartbeat unceasingly, plump down jacket can finally be laid off, very thin, gorgeous costumes, fashion and charming appearance and personality, bright, beautiful, became a spring and a beautiful landscape! Yeah, when people can finally like Jiangnan people, feel the taste of spring in the spring, can not excited?
I, love the nature, enjoying spring is be the first to bear the brunt. Otherwise, the spring, lost time, not regret? Location: the heart: his companion.
For the weekend leisure, enjoy is the original intention.

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