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Ching Ming, a very complicated day
Both sacrifice brings sorrow心は痛くて、私は悲しみ
Also the party bring happiness
Both the chill
Also have the spring hope
For I always have this sense of oppression, there is also a kind of special feelings of homesickness
Our ancestors always and we are getting more and more far我那正值的青春
But the days I feel they are in contact with my
Although many are very fuzzy
But after all, finally the real feel their existence
Today, our family reunion day
About a year away曾經的夢遺落在遠方
Only this genius made us feel at home the centripetal force
Though it's very short, although in a hurry
Flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is not very short?
They moved a long stay
My grandfather is my first worship, admiration of the people
But when I was a child, he died華麗轉身只是想看你一眼
I only from his legacy of a few books and he gave me to read him
Only from his writing and calligraphy to taste his
But only in the Ching Ming is the feeling he
Really have a grandfather feeling
In the sense of photograph. He wasn't so far away
Grandmother and grandmother
Dear sister in laws such as the
Two almost killed me a lifetime of the old woman
They are so doted on me 月色晃晃,思念了遠方
For my grandfather, seems a bit far away, even sometimes felt like a Book of sages
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