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The wooden house, belongs to me

Early in the morning, the sunshine in the mountains, sprinkled on the wood house, also through the window, sprinkled on this before Gently, I opened my eyes, face flashed like sunshine and sunshine smile. I got up, walked out of the house. Facing the sun, eyes closed, breathing quietly, quietly listening to the sound of the birds. Then, I opened my eyes, see not cleared the fog flows in the mountains, the magnificent green also becomes hazy.
I go down to the stream, the stream singing cheerful songs, beautiful voice let me drunk. Go to the front of it, I slowly squat body, lest disturb its singing. He saw me coming, face flashed a brilliant smile, my heart has therefore become more happy. I held out my hand, and gently Juyi Peng Gan Quan, touch on the face, cool feeling through the skin until the heart. I have to face wash a few times, tiredness suddenly Not the least trace was found. I stood up, wiped his face with the sleeves slowly go back,Without Leaving Home back to my house.
After breakfast, I took pole, picked up the bucket goes to the room after the garden watering vegetables for me. I took the water walk, song my way down. I put the burden on vegetable bed head, took a gourd of water, then the water slowly into the seedlings roots. I'm on seedlings and said: "drink, drink, drink the sweet spring water,if indeed it ever didyou will grow stronger, ha ha......"
Noon time relaxed and lazy, I rely on the front tree lit a small fire, the fire is wearing just in from the lake to catch fish. Holding the hands of, I was a partner for many years wine gourd. Drink wine, eat a fish. I get drunk with wine. My face was suffused with a slightly drunk and red. I simply lay on the ground, watching the clouds float to float, see the birds sing them to look around, comfortable......
Afternoon, carry out, to the current field weeding. Sliding my hoe in the light, but will not damage the tree seedlings. For those grass, I just get rid of the seedlings around. They are so lovely, I how to kill those green life. Besides, we are the world's one, it should be more respect and reverence for life.
The setting sun hung in the evening light, offered by a dollar store supplier my wooden house dyed orange I stopped working, come into my house. Not and in a short while, over the house the smoke curl upwards, the house smell delicious, sweet is sweet rice mixed with water......
The bright moon in the sky, I sat quietly guard in front of the window. Moonlight in the mountains, sprinkled on the wood house, also through the window, with everything around me seemed covered with a layer of white yarn. Everything is quiet: the birds quiet, the wind stopped, the clouds also sleep. At the moment, my mind if I, melamine food box without the slightest ripple. Slowly lie down, close your eyes, take months to stay in the heart, began to dream trip.
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