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Both groups scorn the other's preference

Since accurate and reliable information that can be trusted and acted upon logically is at the heart of every extremely successful stock investor or trader, the disparity between institutional and retail information is one of several areas that the retail investor and retail trader need to understand.我的地盤我說了算

Some retail investors depend solely on fundamentals provided to them via internet websites. Most retail traders depend solely on technical patterns from stock charts. Both groups scorn the other's preference for information about the stock. This puts the retail trader and the retail investor at an even more damaging disadvantage.生活隨筆

For the professional and institutional side of the market, information is worth every penny and education is worth even more. Reports on the professional side range in price from $1000 to $10,000 for just one report. However the information within such a report is invaluable in terms of how the professional or institution will choose what to purchase next.

The average retail investor or trader balks at a $30 cost and believes they can learn everything from free sources. This is the divide between the average investor/trader and Smart Money, which is the difference in opinion about the value of reliable information.brittanyyu個人屋

Most retail traders and investors simply put their expectations of what can be made from stock trading too low, so they earn less. Here is how you can improve your Rate Of Investment ROI and trading profits, by finding better resources for information that do fit a limited budget.

First of all, every retail trader or investor must face up to the fact that "free" means that the vendor is attempting to sell them something else, either a broker account, or a charting software service, or a platform. "Free" is the invitation to buy something. Make sure you understand what that is before you start using the free stuff. When you understand what the free stuff is expected to sell you, you are able to judge the bias of the content.生活隨筆

A retail broker is intending to sell you a brokerage account. Their intent is to get you motivated to trade frequently as they make a huge amount of money from trading fees and slippage. Their education and information will be slanted to entice you to be excited, eager, and will play to your greed. Since they also internalize most of your orders especially if you trade big blue chip stocks, their recommended list of stocks is going to be slanted in their favor to make their brokerage more money. This is NOT to help you choose the best stock for your trade or investment.

Trading platforms are also about keeping the retail trader trading as often as possible because the more trades, the more money the company makes. Charting software offers education that is meant to first teach their product usage, and secondly to teach get-rich strategies that make the retail trader believe it is all so very easy. Many so called "educational companies" are actually selling a broker account, a platform, or other service. The education is to entice you to buy their products.ashleycl

Information websites that cater to the retail market participant groups often offer only outdated information. Check to see if the information on the website refers to "investors" as if there is only one market participant group, OR if the information details all the different market participant groups. There are 9 distinct market participant groups today.
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