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The fog the flower

Get out of bed, I first want to today Is it right? Haze weather,城野but the balcony ground golden streamer like to spread to come over, blame dazzling. I rushed a packet Coffee, slowly stirring, hot water mist stick in my hand, down the blood into the heart watch, I walked to the balcony, staring blankly at the golden sky. Why will think like this? In fact, I don't know, just like in the time and space far away in those scattered yellow confetti gradually together become a book, sharp mind those memories, warm,, will always be up on your brow when you unexpectedly, as if just remind you of someone, like fog in flowers, far and near, Xi Xi Shu Shu, deeply shallow.
The first time I saw her, in my friend's house, she said of boys and girls with my friends. She was thin and small, narrow forehead hanging sought eyebrow, skin white through yellow, large eyes are dry without light, like the traces of oil ink to paper very hand dry, high bridge of the nose, facial angular, a little fan in europe. Later, because the relationship between friends is also sparse met a couple of times, but not much words. Can be a fortuitous opportunity to one night let me on the girl impressed a lot. That night we have a walk around the playground, there are only two of us, she said to me like the boys when she first crush after a year, 香港牛栏now finally plucked up the courage to vindicate him, but the other side has a girlfriend. Speak she always low head, looking from the side of her eye but restless tremble, but no longer like dry ink, there is little luster. It was summer, days are dark soon, I do not know is not the cross-strait shade too much too thick, and the dark red runway as the reincarnation of forever, then the only shining on her face light playfully hiding, this deep and shallow.
Say to is a coincidence, I do not know in my life on the vine in whether she is doomed to be a flower vine flowers, the most thick haze in location open. In high school I and she was assigned to a class, because the relative relationship, she worked as class leader, I also logical to become her in the class the most familiar friends. Probably because of gossip, and her temperament uncertain, edges sharp relationship, making her popularity in the class is not good, she was like in hard spiny shell shuttle in the crowd, because of fear of injury does not take off, because of this hurt others, want to close, but with the most rough way, want to retreat, and he didn't want to leave the crowd. This is a long time after I told her mood surmise, I often think, if I can be a little early to know, will not give her comfort will be more, if I had to pay more attention to careful, her pain be less.
But life is not if, at that time I was very careless, no time to learn to comfort others, while she was in the special period of heart and sensitive fragile, inevitably because of some trivial things and unpleasant, but I always believe that one step back will make things much quicker to quell. But after a long time I understand the true friendship is not a party to a concession, maybe then we had a big fight, make our hearts even further, and she needs is also suppressed the long-standing emotional catharsis, she wants is to vent, not bear. But this long mood, I thought only the youth transition period short, and later from a friend that I heard,港版牛栏奶粉 her parents divorced, their married, she should not have to go anywhere to live in my grandparents home, maybe she early learned to tolerance and silence, in that there is only silence enveloped in the haze the sunflower family, embarrassing her like a shadow, even if again to also can catch the vision of the sun, light clothing rare.
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